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Get a cash advance from Funding Zest to help you make it to your next paycheck. Use our amazingly simple online application form to borrow from $100 to $35,000. Select the ‘Get Started’ button to apply now. 

Why Use Funding Zest for My
Cash Advance Loan?

Our broad range of loan providers give cash advances and favorable terms. Receive an instant answer and the money is in your bank within an hour or the next working day.

There are several advantages to working with Funding Zest to get your cash advance. First of all, we’ve streamlined the application process so it takes under 5 minutes. Secondly, once we receive your request, we match your situation with a lender who is most likely to approve your loan and give you the rates that are best for you. Finally, if you’re approved you could have your cash advance in the bank in an hour or sometimes the next business day. 

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As a broker, Funding Zest makes sure that your payday loan is right for you – even if your credit score isn’t top-notch.

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Perfect Pairings

We only pair you with legitimate and reputable lenders – most likely to extend loan approval with favorable terms for your situation.

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Soft Searches

Our soft search method checks your credit history without affecting your credit score or leaving a footprint.

What Details Are Used When I Apply for Cash Advances?

Here are the main details about you that and lender will take into consideration: 

  • How old you are
  • Whether you rent or own
  • Your monthly income
  • Your credit score 

Apply for your cash advance and we’ll match you with lenders that work for you with favorable terms and fast turnaround.

These lenders offer cash advances anywhere from $100 to $35,000. These loans can be repaid over a few months or 5 years, if necessary. Our application process is very simple and quick. 

It’s all online and you get a decision right away on screen. If you receive approval, your money is sent to your account either within hours or by the next working day.

While other brokers may charge a fee to connect you with lenders, Funding Zest’s service is FREE to you. In addition, applying for a cash advance does not affect your credit score.

Why Is Funding Zest Good For My Cash Advance Loan? 

At Funding Zest, we work hard to match you with the right lenders for your cash advance, simply and quickly. If you’re looking to borrow between $100 and $35,000, our free and easy service can connect you with lenders who can help.

We’ve collected a selection of reputable lenders and vetted them to make sure that they meet our standards. Let Funding Zest find you a reputable lender for your cash advance today.

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What Are Cash Advances? 

Simply put, cash advances are short-term loans. They’re offered by many different providers. ‘Cash Advance’ is also a term used by credit card providers when they give advance cash on your card. 

When we talk about a cash advance, Funding Zest is talking about a short-term loan. Often they’re called payday loans. The cash advance loan or payday loan is not always based on a credit score. It also looks at where you live, your state’s local regulations, and your monthly income. 

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Do I Meet Cash Advance Criteria?

Funding Zest has several criteria you must meet. It’s not just you, everyone has to meet the same rules or criteria to apply. You must… 

  • Reside in the US
  • Be older than 18 years of age
  • Have a bank account available to receive funds
  • Be employed and make at least $800 per month
  • Be able to make your repayments

How did you do? Can we help arrange your cash advance today?

Can I Get A Cash Advance Near Me? 

If you live in the US and are looking for a cash advance, Funding Zest is ready to help. We can match you with lenders in California, Texas, and all major states across America. It depends on your location, which lender we can match you with. It also determines which lenders are most likely to lend to you and offer the best terms.

This online process takes under five minutes. Just enter your details and get a decision on-screen or a provisional quote right then. You can use a desktop. tablet or cell phone. Any will work.

Our online services are available 24 hours a day, every day of the week. And if your application is accepted, you’ll receive the funds you need on the same day or the next working day.

Have you checked out other cash advance options?

You may be able to get a cash advance from your employer or through a credit union. Funding Zest makes it easy and quick because it’s totally online. You don’t have to go anywhere. You don’t have to talk to anyone. If your application is accepted, money is transferred straight to your bank account – ASAP.

We don’t charge fees for our services and we never will. Applying with Funding Zest for a cash advance does not impact your credit score.

If you happen to have a bad credit rating, you may think you have no chance of getting a loan. But at Funding Zest, we even consider applications such as yours. We try our very best to get the service and the rates that you need. 


How Do I Apply With Funding Zest For My Cash Advance?

Funding Zest makes it super easy to inquire about a cash advance. Use our online platform and in under five minutes, you can have a decision. 

Before you begin to fill out complete our online application, have your basic details available. 

  • Your Employment whether or not your job is at full or part-time 
  • Details of a valid account for checking 
  • Your phone number
  • Email address 
  • How much you would like to borrow
  • How many months you’d like to borrow
  • Your driver’s license or a valid state ID 

Once Funding Zest receives your submission, we connect you automatically with one of our lending partners. If you decide to work with this lender they carry out further checks to make sure they’re a good match to extend a cash advance to you. 

Use the ‘Get Started’ button below and start your inquiry for a cash advance. We can help you get your cash advance sometimes in as little as 15 to 60 minutes.

If it’s a small amount that you’d like to borrow – $100-$500 it can be quick. For larger loans, say $1000 or more, can take a bit longer because these require more manual checks. You still may receive your approval that same day within the next or by the next working day. 

How Much Do I Pay For A Cash Advance? 

The typical annual APR for cash advance can be anywhere between 300% to 600%. It depends on the state where you apply, your credit score, how much you make, and how much the lender feels you can afford this loan. 

The rate can seem high but remember that cash advance loans generally will only last a few weeks or months. When calculating APR for a cash advance, it assumes that the loan lasts for an entire year which can make the APR seem quite high.

What Happens If My Loan Is Declined? 

If your application is declined there is nothing to worry about. Nothing at all happens. We do not charge a fee and simply applying for a cash advance does not affect your credit score. 

If your application is declined it would make sense to see what your credit score currently is. There are groups that keep this information up to date sometimes up to the minute. Contact them to request a free copy of your current credit score. 

Knowing your score and seeing what may be pulling it down can help you make the tweaks that can make it more favorable to lenders. A higher credit score increases your chances of loan approval and other things like going for a mortgage or buying a car. So, request your FREE credit score now. 

Build A Budget To Repay Your Cash Advance

Getting an instant cash advance makes great sense if you have a repayment plan or budget in mind and you can afford to pay back this loan. 

It’s possible to get approved in minutes and have the money in your bank account as early as an hour after approval. Certain loans can take more time. For instance, a secured loan where you put up collateral (something you own of value) against the loan.  It takes time to check the value of that collateral.

Once you’re approved, the funds for most small payday loans land in your account within hours or the next working day. But this process is much quicker than working with a bank to get a loan. Our loan providers do the necessary checks to make sure that you can afford the product they’re matching to you. They also want to make sure they’re well suited to your situation. They will confirm how much you make, what your credit rating is, and whether or not you can afford this loan.

Why Take a Cash Advance with Funding Zest?

Now and again, unexpected financial emergencies crop up. If you’re short of cash and waiting until your next paycheck might not be an option, a cash advance can tide you over. As the name suggests, a cash advance gives you the cash you need at the time you need it most to be repaid at a date on a future date. 

Cash Advances not only help you pay unexpected bills like hospital visits, vet bills, home emergencies, but they help you take control of your financial situation and work around any paycheck restrictions. 

When working with Funding Zest,  loan requests are simple and quick. Your loan request is all done online. Much quicker and easier than working with a bank. Bank loans can take weeks but not Funding Zest. we can find the right lender to give you a short-term loan through our selection of reputable lenders – all on the same day.

All you have to do is move the sliders above to select how much money you want to borrow and for what period of time, then click our ‘Get Started’ button. That’s all it takes to begin your loan application with us.

Improve Your Chances Of Quick Cash Advance Approval

If you’re in great need of instant cash, make sure you apply during the workweek. Also, apply from nine to five. Starting the process during your lender’s regular working hours gives a much better chance of you getting your funds on that day. Try these extra tips too: Maximize your chances of loan approval.

Payday Loans | FAQs

Yes, we look at all types of credit ratings. Funding Zest works with a large variety of lenders. There are several that consider lower-than-perfect credit scores. As a result, you may get a loan when you’ve given up hope.

Submit your cash advance request and we will do our best to match you with lenders that can take different factors into account. They will look at basic details, such as: 

  • How much you make
  • How you’re employed whether you’re part-time or full-time
  • How much money you want to borrow 
  • How old you are 

These details help our providers decide if this is a good match – whether it makes sense to lend to you or not. 

Funding Zest and our partners offer payday loans from $100 to $35,000 – The amount you are approved for can depend on monthly income, credit rating, whether you can afford to repay the loan, housing (rent or own), and whether there are other loans you have outstanding.

Borrowers can repay in 1 month all the way up to 60 months in equal monthly installments to stretch out your repayments.

You can always repay early if you would like to. If you do, you can save on interest.

No. When you use our online application process to request a loan, we do not charge any fees. We work on a commission basis with the lender we pair you with and you get your loan.

Funding Zest will consider all credit histories.

Our lending partners will almost always carry out a credit check. This helps them determine if you are eligible for a cash advance. Credit checks are used to make sure that you can afford loans that are personal or unsecured. Such as a cash advance. If you are declined by one partner because of your credit score, there are others that we work with that are willing to look at loans for people with bad credit. 

Sometimes loans are offered that don’t require a credit check and instead use collateral against the loan, such as a car or property to help you borrow money, like a Title Loan. 

Funding Zest does not directly lend money. We are an online connection service to match you to our group of lenders. We find you the best one to suit your needs and can give you the best rates possible.