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If you Need Cash Fast – Funding Zest Can Lend a Hand.
Do you need fast cash for one of life’s little emergencies – the kinds that crop up when you least expect them? Funding Zest can offer you fast cash of $100 to $35,000 that you repay over one month to 60 months.

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Get money in 24 hours or less. Funding Zest has a network of lenders who give fast cash across the US. They can help you borrow $100, $500 up to $35,000 when you need cash fast and need it most.

How Do I Apply for
Funding Zest

Fast Cash Loans?

The Funding Zest Application Process is Super Simple so you can apply for your fast cash loan at home, at work, anywhere you have a connection. Use your tablet, laptop, or cell phone. It does not matter. Our easy process means you get your decision on screen in a matter of minutes. And if your loan is accepted or approved, your money can be in your bank within minutes or by the next business day. 

It’s that easy. So let’s get started. Look for our ‘Get Started’ button below and enter your details. We can give you an instant decision on screen. If your loan is successful, your funds could be in your bank as early as 24 hours or the next business day.


If I Need Fast Cash, Where Do I Go?

If you’re looking for fast cash online, Funding Zest is a great way to go. Our online platform is oh-so-easy. We match you with a lender who will help you with your requirements. We’ll find the one with the best rates on offer for your situation. Use our Super Simple 3-Step Process!

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Which type of loan is right for you? Payday, emergency, or installments. Funding Zest has them all.

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Apply Online

Use Funding Zest’s 100% online application for a simple, speedy instant decision.


Money in the Bank

If your application is approved your lender will send funds to your bank within one working day!

What Kind Of Loans Can
I Get From Funding Zest?

We offer fast cash, payday loans, secured loans, plus title loans so whatever your needs you can get your funds when you need them and fast! 

Our streamlined application process is fast and effective to make your transaction easy-peasy. Not only that, if approved, your money is available within minutes, hours, or definitely by the next business day.

Family & Friends Borrowing 

Of course, you could borrow money through family and friends or sell items that you no longer need on Facebook marketplace. Yes, these options might be interest-free but can take time. They may also have pitfalls. Perhaps that family and friend loan can go on and on so long it affects your relationship. 

If you only need hundred dollars, there are other ways to get that fast… rent out a room, dog sit, rideshare, cut insurance premiums by shopping around, consolidate your existing debt, change your cell phone plan, borrow against life insurance, get a payroll advance, talk to utility companies about bill pay delay, or sell unused electronics. Get creative!  

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If you’re in a hurry, Funding Zest is ready to be your lending partner. We’ll work hard to get you what you need. 

What Amount Would You Like To Borrow? 

Funding Zest offers loans from $100 to $1000 all the way up to $35,000. It depends on what you need and your circumstances. Of course, the amount that a lender will give you depends on several factors. These include:

  • How much you make
  • Whether or not you can afford the loan you’re requesting
  • What other debts you may have outstanding
  • Your credit score (that’s always taken into account)


Are You Even Eligible For A Fast Cash Loan? 

When working with Funding Zest for a fast cash loan, here are some of the criteria that you need in order to be eligible, you must: 

  • Be a US resident 
  • Be older than 18 
  • Show that you have a job
  • Show that you’re making at least $800 per month
  • Have a bank account for depositing your money 

Contact Funding Zest online. If you need $200 right now or you want to borrow $500 fast or even $1000 quickly, press our ‘Get Started’ button to begin your application process. 

I Don’t Know My Credit Score, Can You Help Me?

It doesn’t matter if you have a good, fair, or really bad credit score, we can help you. Of course, a good or fair credit score gives you a much higher chance of getting the loan that you’re looking for. If you do have a bad credit score don’t let that deter you from applying. Check your credit score for free

What If I Have Bad Credit, Do I Need A Credit Check?

While there are types of loans that don’t require a credit check, like a no credit check loan, most of our lenders do require them. It’s a key part of processing a loan application.

Having said that, we do have lenders willing to give fast cash loans with no credit check, so submit your application no matter what. Some are happy to look at other aspects of your financial history to make their loan decision. If you’re employed and have a stable income those factors will weigh heavily on the decision. 

The technology that we use online for your application is automated and it carries out a number of checks on your income and whether you can afford the loan. We want you to be able to repay this loan and not go into financial excess. It’s why we encourage you to borrow the right amount. It makes sense before you apply to work out how much you’ll really need to borrow from our lenders.

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What Can I Use My
Fast Cash Loan For?

Fast Cash is usually necessary for an emergency – a surprise need for cash often having to do with the household (i.e. the boiler breaking, roof leaking, car breaking down, etc.) Or heaven forbid a medical emergency or vet bill! 

You could need fast cash just to clear the bills that are piling up at home. The extra fast cash will help bridge that gap and get you out of your temporary emergency financial situation. 

Why Apply For Fast Cash
With Funding Zest?

Our process is really quick, super easy, and Uber effective. Our online form prompts you to input your basic details. This takes less than 5 minutes. Then we contact multiple lenders and match you with the ones that can get your greatest chance of lending approval and the best rates possible. 

We really care about helping you get the right product for you. There are no upfront fees for applying. Plus, when you apply for fast cash our soft-search method does not impact your credit rating in any way. 

Funding Zest is ready to lend a hand and get your cash to you in the most responsible and swiftest way possible.

How Can I Start My
Fast Cash Application
With Funding Zest? 

Just use any of our ‘Apply Now’ buttons and begin the five-step process. Once you complete the online form for loan inquiry you’ll receive an instant on-screen response.

Can I Get My Fast Cash Faster?

For the fastest response time, submit your loan request during the week, Monday through Friday, 9-5. Avoid holidays and weekends when lenders are less likely to be available to process your loan. Find one of our ‘Apply Now‘ buttons and begin your application for FREE! 

If I Have Bad Credit, Can I Take Out An Emergency Cash Loan?

Definitely apply even if you suspect you have bad credit. We have lenders who work with borrowers who have less than perfect credit scores. They take other things into account, such as employment status, income, and the amount you’ve asked to borrow.

So, submit your application even if you’ve been turned down for a loan by a bank. Apply for your emergency cash loan and we will do our best to find a lender that you can work with – one that can get the cash to you that you need in your emergency situation.

But… Are You Eligible for a Fast Cash Loan?

There are eligibility criteria for anyone taking out an emergency cash loan. This is true for almost all loans. There are certain criteria you have to meet to be eligible.

You must… 

  • Be a full-time US resident
  • Be over 18 years old
  • Have a bank account where your lender can deposit your funds
  • Have steady employment and make at least $800 per month 
  • Must be able to repay the loan

Payday Loan | FAQs

Funding Zest looks at all credit histories. Even if your bank has turned you down, apply with Funding Zest. We will do our very best to pair you with a lender who can approve your loan and give you the most favorable terms possible.

Funding Zest can pair you with one of our lenders to arrange a payday loan from $100 to $35,000 depending on your monthly income, credit status and whether you can afford it.

Other things come into play too, including your residence (homeowners are often preferred), age and whether you have any other similar loans open too.

Customers can repay over 1 month to 60 months (or equal to 5 years) – this will depend on whether you prefer the payday option which may be just a few weeks or months, or the longer installment option which can be several years to stretch out your repayments.

Payments are usually made in equal monthly installments from the bank account you choose and you always have the option to repay early if you would like to do so.

No! Our services of pairing you with the best lender for your situation are absolutely free. If that lender successfully delivers your loan to you then they pay us a commission.

Funding Zest and our lending partners consider all credit histories so go ahead and apply. Try it for FREE.

No, Funding Zest is a broker meaning that we pair you with one of our reputable and vetted lenders to find you the best loan possible for your financial situation.