FAQs | Frequently Asked Questions

In the tabs below, you will find the answers to some of the questions our customers ask the most. Please feel free to read through our frequently asked questions and if you have more questions, send a message on over to us using our Contact Us page, and we’ll get back to you as soon as humanly possible!

If you want to go ahead and begin your Funding Zest online loan application just press the ‘Apply Now; button below. It takes less than 5 minutes and we will give you an instant decision. Oh, and it’s free to try!

What are the Largest and the Smallest Amounts That I Can Borrow?

Payday loan amounts with Funding Zest range from $100 to $35,000.

How long will it take to process my application?

After you hit send on your application we give you an instant decision and pair you with the lender most likely to approve your loan and with the best rates for you. Your lender may have follow-up questions so stay by the phone to keep your loan processing as fast as possible.

How Many Months Will it Take to Repay my Funding Zest loan?

You can set up a repayment schedule that pays off your loan in 1 month all the way up to 60 months in equal monthly installments to stretch out your repayments.

You can always repay early if you would like to. If you do, you can save on interest.

Does Funding Zest charge an Application fee?

No. Try it for FREE.  We never charge a fee for pairing you with the best lender for your financial situation. We do receive a commission from your lender once they’ve successfully delivered your loan to you.

Can I Get a Payday Loan with No Credit Check?

Funding Zest will consider all credit histories. Our lending partners will almost always carry out a credit check. This helps them determine if you are eligible for a cash advance. Credit checks are used to make sure that you can afford loans that are personal or unsecured. Such as a cash advance. If you are declined by one partner because of your credit score, there are others that we work with that are willing to look at loans for people with bad credit.

Sometimes loans are offered that don’t require a credit check and instead use collateral against the loan, such as a car or property to help you borrow money, like a Title Loan.

Is Funding Zest a Lender?

Funding Zest is a broker meaning that we pair you with the best lenders for your financial needs.

Do you offer no credit check loans?

Yes we do. Funding Zest looks at all credit histories and works hard to find a loan that suits your financial situation. It might mean we suggest a different type of loan or one with different terms than you’ve requested. And… all loan applications have an automatic credit check arrangement but with a no credit check loan lenders can look at other aspects of your financial history.

Can I get a Payday Loan with Bad Credit?
Yes. Funding Zest offers Bad Credit loans. We consider all credit histories and take other factors into account. You may find that your lender offers slightly different terms than you originally requested but we work hard to get the right loan for you. Use the ‘Get Started’ button below and you could have an instant decision in 5 minutes.

What states can I get a payday loan in?

Funding Zest offers payday loans in these states:

What loans do you offer other than a payday loan?

See our list below for all the loans Funding Zest offers…

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