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Whenever you’re going for a loan, there are certain tips that you should follow to make sure that it’s as easy as possible. These will give you the best chance of getting your loan quickly. So, boost your chances for loan approval now.

With these tricks, you can make your chances much brighter for getting your loan approved.  The most effective tricks are below. So check them out to help increase your odds of approval.

Key Facts:

  • There are some things that are out of your control in the loan approval process but there are things you can do to help it along like avoiding making mistakes
  • If you use part of someone else’s details with your application it will be flagged and rejected.
  • Using a simple online application process will prompt you for your information and make sure you’ve got it all typed in before you submit it.
  • Using a broker like Funding Zest speeds up the process exponentially. You’re calling around or going from payday loan store to payday loan store and wasting time. 
  • Figuring out how much money you actually need to tide you over until the next paycheck is very important. Asking for too much could mean you get rejected. 
  • There are 4 basic eligibility requirements to take out a payday loan. Check them out so you won’t be disappointed when you apply.
  • Gather all the basic personal information you’ll need to complete your application then you have a greater chance of approval.
  • Know your credit score before you start and improve it where you can. If it’s may too low you may need to consider a no credit check loan.

Avoid Making Mistakes

One of the biggest roadblocks to getting a loan can be as easy as making a mistake when you fill out your application. You can’t just kind of hope that it goes through anyway. Put in that little extra effort and it’ll pay back with big rewards. So, when you fill in your application, make sure you pay attention and go for maximum accuracy.

You can’t be too careful. The information that you submit has to be accurate on your payday loan application. So double-check and then go back again and check it again. Because if your details are wrong, if you’ve submitted them incorrectly, even spelled something wrong, your application could be flagged.  Even if your info is outdated (old address), if it’s false in any way, your application is going to get flagged and rejected. Never try to put in facts that just aren’t completely clear, because that’s going to turn the lender off. Take a sec to re-check your application to make sure it’s all correct.

Use a Broker, like Funding Zest, to Help Get Approval

Using a broker, like Funding Zest can help. Their quick and easy online application process is so clear, it’s more likely you’ll get your facts right. 

Plus, you don’t have to go anywhere. You don’t have to go from store to store and talk with different lenders. Instead, a broker like Funding Zest helps put you in touch with someone from their large group of lenders. Lenders that can have just the right product for you and give you a higher chance of getting the loan that you’re going for. You could improve your financial emergency situation in as little as an hour or by the next business day.

Your Loan Amount is Important 

When you request your loan, don’t ask for too much and avoid asking for more than you need. The more you ask for, the higher the chance there is for you to get turned down. Calculate what you really need to make it to the next paycheck. Go for the exact amount that you need. Ask for an amount that’s within what you can repay.

Lenders are less likely to give you the loan if you try to borrow more than you need. If you go for more than you need, this may tell the lender that you cannot afford to repay this loan. Also, the more you borrow, the more you’re going to pay and that’s definitely not better.

Negotiate but Be Reasonable

Once you’ve received the offer but think it could be better in some way, you can ask the lender about it. It doesn’t hurt to talk to your potential lender. The lender could in the end tell you that no, they’re not going to work with your requests.

But if you’re approved and still trying to get a little bit more out of the terms, it usually doesn’t hurt to ask. At the same time, be careful, if you truly need that money will the amount/changes that you’re asking for make a big difference and be worth the risk of losing the loan approval altogether?

Received an Offer? Respond Soon

If you’re given an offer, respond relatively quickly. If you know that you absolutely want a loan and you’re given an offer that is acceptable to you, respond. You need to respond within a reasonable time or you could risk losing the loan.

If you don’t respond within 24 to 48 hours, the lender is going to feel that you don’t really want this money. They may assume that you’ve gone elsewhere and so will take back the offer.

Definitely respond quickly if you’ve been offered great terms for your payday loan. If you take too long, you might end up missing out on a really great deal.

Get Prepared

Before you submit your application, even before you sit down at your computer to do the online application with Funding Zest pull together your documents. This will Boost Your Chances for Loan Approval.

Lenders will be asking for some basics so get organized. Collect all the paperwork. Most lenders will need to know about your job, how much you make each month. They may even ask for pay stubs and bank statements. 

If they don’t need this during the application, they may need it for follow-up checks. Having those documents handy, helps you keep the process moving along quickly.

Eligibility Requirements Help Boost Your Chances for Loan Approval

And finally, make sure you’re even eligible to take out a payday loan to begin with. There are basic requirements that everyone has to fall in line with.  These requirements are not negotiable. They’re for everyone.

  • You’ve got to be older than 18. 
  • You’ve got to be a US citizen 
  • You must have a current bank account where the money can be deposited. 
  • You have to be able to show that you have a job 
  • You must make at least $800 a month.


Bottom Line:

Follow all these useful tips so you can get your loan as quickly as possible and in the smoothest way possible.

Funding Zest knows how to make the process easy. Just submit your online application in the comfort of your own home – on your computer. And we’ll have an answer for you in under five minutes. In many cases, the lender will have money in your account the same day or within the next working day.


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