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While Amsterdam will probably lead the world in cycling popularity for many years to come, America is catching on to the many benefits. Since 2020, the industry has experienced a 26% per year growth. The advantages of cycling over driving are tremendous – Cycle to Save Money, Health, Your World!

Key Points:

  • You can buy a bike anywhere from $100 – $3500 depending on your budget and purpose
  • The bike industry has experienced unprecedented growth at 26% per year since 2020
  • Cycling is one of the top exercises for warding off illnesses, saving money, improving cardiovascular health
  • Cycling is affordable and perfect as an individual exercise or with friends and family

Top 10 Ways to Cycle to Save Money, Health, Your World!

1. Increase your Brain’s Function

Getting your cardio going helps your brain rejuvenate and improve mental acuity both of which decrease after 30. Boosting blood flow and oxygen to your brain can ward off Alzheimer’s.  Better brain smarter actions and smarter choices to save money.

2. Cycle to Ward off Illnesses

A bit of exercise makes the immune cells in your body more active, so they can help you fight any infection that tries to attack your body.  Cyclers who get out as little as 30 minutes a day five times a week have 50% fewer sick days.

3. Cycle for a Longer Life

Decrease your chances of cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and blood pressure issues. Again, because your more active body is better at fighting off the bad guys.

4. Help Your Planet

Producing your bike takes only 5% of the energy and parts that it takes to build a car and you’re not polluting when you ride your bike.  Bikes are really efficient. While you can travel about 3 X’s faster on a bike you are expending about the same amount of energy as if you walked. Think about this too… On a bike, you get almost 3,000 miles to the gallon!

5.  Cycle so Your Company Loves You

If you ride your bike pre-work or at lunch, your time and work management improve. You’ll find it’s easier to finish your work tasks on time. You’ll also tend to be less stressed and more motivated. This feeling of well-being that comes with cycling can improve your interpersonal relationships as well.

6.  Avoid Pollution

If you cycle, you’re more likely to be at the edge of the road so not directly behind a car’s exhaust. That way you’re breathing in fewer fumes than bus or car passengers. Pollution can cause all kinds of health issues so in the long run, you could be saving money on health costs.

7. Cycle for the Whole Family

Influence your kid’s exercise future by including them in cycling outings. It’s fun to do together and good for everyone. Once you’ve invested in your bikes, maintenance is minimal making cycling one of the least expensive activities to do as a family.

8. Boost Creativity

If you have any kind of creative profession or hobby you probably already know that if you’re stuck, taking a break and getting outside can make all the difference. A cycle ride goes even further because it boosts the oxygen flowing to your brain and gets those neurons pumping!

9. Burn That Fat!

Your metabolic rate goes up while you ride but it also stays up for several hours beyond your ride. Add in some faster intervals and you could burn 3 ½ X’s more fat than if you cycle at a slower pace but for the same amount of time. This way your wardrobe still fits meaning less money spent on clothes!

Top 9 Best Large U.S. Cities for Cycling to Save Money, Health, Your World!

In order, the US cities ranked on their cyclist-friendly lifestyle are: San Francisco, Minneapolis, New York City, Portland, Eugene (Oregon), Boston, Denver, Seattle, and D.C.

Among other factors, they were ranked on:

  • access to bike lanes
  • bike rentals
  • the share of bike commuters
  • presence of cycling clubs
  • number of bike races and tours.

Where Am I At Risk to Cycle?

Street Light Data identifies the most dangerous states for cyclists by fatalities per capita and miles traveled, accounting for states where biking is more commonplace. By this definition, Delaware is the most dangerous state, followed by South Carolina and Florida, which have the most fatalities per capita. On the flip side, Massachusetts, New York, and Illinois were among the safest states for cyclists.

  1. Delaware
  2. South Carolina
  3. Florida
  4. Louisiana
  5. New Mexico
  6. Oklahoma
  7. Mississippi
  8. West Virginia
  9. Arizona
  10. California

2022 Rankings for Bicycle-Friendly States

Below are the top 9 bicycle-friendly states. Read the report cards these state and for others.

  1. Massachusetts
  2. Oregon
  3. Washington
  4. California
  5. Minnesota
  6. Colorado
  7. Virginia
  8. Florida
  9. Delaware

How Much Should I Spend On My Cycle to Save Money, Health, Your World!?

Read this Pros Closet article. Whether you’re in Colorado, California, Indiana, or Illinois you can get help purchasing your bike. Check to see if your state offers a tax break or some sort of assistance to encourage cycling.

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