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Yes, it is possible to get a same day loan on the same day you apply. Sometimes you can even get the funds within a few hours of being approved. If you need money for an emergency, this is the perfect solution. 

Funding Zest has worked years and years with lenders across the US. Below they share their top tips on what to do to make sure your same-day loan goes through. 


Key Facts: Use these top tips to get a same day loan

  • Make sure your information is accurate 
  • Apply for your loan from nine a.m. to five p.m. – Monday to Friday. 
  • Avoid weekends and holidays. 
  • Borrow only the amount that you need. Don’t go too high. 
  • Make sure know your credit score before applying. It’s better to have a good or fair one – check your credit score for free 
  • Keep your phone handy after you apply in case there are follow-up questions. 
  • Apply for smaller amounts 
  • Use an online platform instead of a store. 


So, What Are Same Day Loans? 

As the name says you get your loan on the same day you apply. At Funding Zest, we make it simple. Once we receive your application, we match you up with a lender that we think will give you the best rates and be able to extend you the loan you need. Sometimes, you can have your money in an hour or at least by the next working day. 

This type of loan is a same-day loan. They’re used for several different kinds of financial emergencies. Maybe your car breaks down or your boiler stops working or there’s a roof leak. Or, worse still, you have a medical emergency. This is the main purpose of a same-day loan. It will help you out when you have an unexpected emergency. 

This temporary funding can help get you to the next paycheck. 


Can I Get A Same Day Loan and How Do I Do It?

There are certain eligibility requirements that you must meet. They’re not just for you, every borrower must meet these requirements to be successful. 

These include:

  • How old you are (must be 18 or over)
  • What your monthly income is
  • Where you live
  • Whether you rent or own
  • Have an income of up to $800 or more a month
  • How likely you’ll be able to afford to repay your loan


Get These things Right on Your Funding Zest Loan Application

When you put in your application to get a same day loan, make sure your information is accurate. Don’t try to fudge it to get around the system. False information will roadblock your loan. If you don’t give accurate information about yourself, then you will find that you’ll get kicked out of a loan process. Lenders may blackball you on future loan submissions. So when you are going for the loan, be accurate. There are automatic checks that will kick you back out details are wrong. 

More very simple ways to help get your money on the same day. Use these to improve your chances of getting approval: 

  • Request the loan during office hours
  • Only borrow the amount that you need and you can afford
  • Have a credit score that is good or fair
  • Stay available for any other questions
  • Use an online platform


Poor Credit Score – You Can Still Get A Same Day Loan

If you have a credit history that’s less than stellar, there are other loan options. Funding Zest can help pair you with lenders that will work with you even if you have bad credit. These lenders can help you out and find a loan that fits your personal situation. 

Remember to look at other options like borrowing from family and friends,  getting financial assistance from your employer, or trying something as simple as reducing your home bills.

Funding Zest’s Online Loan Application is Simple and Quick

All you have to do is:

  1. Tell us the amount you want to borrow 
  2. Input how many months you want to have that money for
  3. Supply your full accurate name 
  4. Give your date of birth
  5. Supply your job status
  6. Type in how much you make each month
  7. Add your contact details so the lenders we pair you with can reach you (i.e. phone number and email address)

These are pretty basic bits of information but so important. You may be asked to give other information. This depends on the lender and what type of loan you’re going for. If you want to keep the loan process moving along, stay by your phone. 


Things NOT to Do

Never ask for a loan for someone else Especially do not use any of your details. This will get flagged as well. Don’t use someone else’s name and then give your cell number and email address. That usually will be flagged and kicked out.


Apply During Regular Working Hours

When you’re going for your loan, do it during regular office hours Monday to Friday – 9-5. Applying outside office hours can slow you down. Sometimes lenders need follow-up information. When you’re not available to answer their questions, your loan can be in a holding pattern until the next day. Avoid applying on weekends and holidays for that very same reason.

Some lenders only give funding during working hours. And if something needs to be signed off by someone who is senior they most likely won’t be around out of hours. 


How Much Do You Really Need to Borrow?

Really think about the money you actually need. It’s not a good idea to borrow more than you need. If you do then you’re accruing more interest and greater debt that may be harder to pay back. 

You also want to make sure that you can afford what you’re borrowing so keeping the amount down makes a lot of sense. If you only need to repair your roof and you’ve gotten a quote, and it’s ‘X’ amount of money, borrow only that much. It will make it easier to get back on top of your financial situation with your next paycheck.

Here’s another way to look at it. If you borrow more than you can afford to pay back, you can end up with worse financial problems pretty quickly. Interest will keep piling up if you miss repayments. And, if you miss repayments, you may get extra fees. All of this can negatively impact your credit score. 

Lenders know their business. Plus, they have your financial details. That means they will only lend the amount that they feel you can afford to pay back. That’s another reason it’s important to ask for the amount that you only truly need. This will keep the process moving along more quickly as well.


Credit Scores Do Matter

It helps a lot to have a good or fair credit score. Those will improve your chances of approval. It shows lenders that you are a good risk for a loan. It shows that you have a good financial history. You’ve borrowed before and paid back on time. Lenders love that.

A poor credit score gets a lender concerned. They worry that you won’t be able to pay back the loan. Bad credit scores can be a big roadblock for some loans. Plus it’s less desirable than a good one. Having said that, there are still options to borrow with bad credit. 


Secured Loans for Bad Credit

Our lenders know that it can be challenging to have a good credit score with current situations and emergencies popping up. So, our lenders will look at all types of scores and histories and suggest alternate loans for bad credit. 

The options for borrowing with bad credit include: 

  • secured loans
  • working with a credit union 
  • taking out a Title Loan


Unsecured Loans

An unsecured loan, if approved, is quicker. Secured loans take time. With a secured loan you are putting up collateral – like your car or your home. These need to be verified that you own them, that they’re worth what you think they are, and that’s enough to cover the loan amount you’re applying for. 

When you’re going for an unsecured loan, other factors come into play. These are how much you make, how old you are, whether you rent or own your home, and your credit score. Those are the eligibility requirements that help you get an unsecured loan quickly and often the same day. 


Use an Online Lending Platform like Funding Zest

Instead of applying at a store, apply online. When you work with an online platform like Funding Zest it’s quick and simple. In five minutes, you can have an answer. 

Funding Zest automatically sends out your application to multiple lenders at once so it all happens quite fast. 

If you went to a payday loan store (and some states have lots and lots of them) you stand in line and you wait to get your answer back. You could be turned down. Then you’d have to go to another store. 

But when you apply on our online platform, the process is streamlined and approval can come through instantly with money in your bank on the same day. 


Does it Cost to Apply?

No, Funding Zest does not charge a fee when you apply for a same day loan.


Stay By The Phone After Applying For Your Same-Day Loan

Once you’ve sent in your request using our online application platform, make yourself available. You want to be available for any questions that may come up after your application and you’ve electronically signed your agreement. Often, a lender might need to clarify something. Or even if you did your best to input all information without errors, if something is typed in wrong, lenders need to make sure they have the details right.

If you’re not available or miss their request for further information your same-day application process can be pushed back till the next day or worse. 


Ask for a Smaller Loan

Applying for a smaller amount or an unsecured loan can help speed up the process. If the amount that you’re looking to borrow is as small as say $200 to $300 the application process is more likely to be automated by any given lender. If you meet their criteria, your loan can be funded almost immediately.

If the amount you’re looking to borrow is more like $1000 up to $5000, the lender is taking more risk upfront. In this case, they might request more information (i.e. proof of income, copies of your bank statements, etc.). This takes more time to send in further information. It can all be done on the same day if you stay available for further requests. 

It’s important to have this information available as you apply. So when it’s necessary, if someone requests a document, you can send it off right away.


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