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Weddings details can be overwhelming with ‘To Do’ lists ending up as long as your wedding gown’s train so figuring out how to pay for your wedding quickly and easily is a huge help. So, should you take out a wedding loan?


  • The average US wedding is down from previous years but is still about $19,000
  • Many couples use a combination of savings, credit cards, and loans to pay for their weddings
  • A budget is a great idea but sometimes expenses exceed the budget, so couples take out wedding loans
  • Wedding loans can be used for anything (not just the wedding)


How Will I Pay For My Wedding?

Weddings are oh-so-special… a day to remember but as you already know they aren’t cheap. While cutting some corners may be necessary like not inviting your 3rd cousin or shrinking those massive flower arrangements for every table. Having said that, you don’t want to leave out the parts that are most important to you like a very cool venue or that gown to die for.

While some weddings are completely covered by the parents, more and more couples are paying for more of their wedding than ever before. Often a budget is set, and couples begin saving way in advance. But, wedding costs have a way of creeping up. Many couples use their savings or credit cards to reserve the venue or put a deposit on the gown. Others may find they need to take out loans to foot the bill or cover the additional costs. Read more How Can I Pay For My Wedding?


How Would a Loan Work for Me?

If you take out a wedding loan it allows you to avoid using up all your savings and/or paying all the credit card interest rates that are usually higher. As a wedding loan is in fact a personal loan, the money doesn’t have to be used for a wedding. You can use it for whatever you like.

Whatever you’re using the money for, Funding Zest can help you get the best interest rates for your needs whether you’re in Colorado, California, Indiana, Florida, or any of the other states we serve. Use our simple online application form.


Why Would I Need a Wedding Loan?

Once you realize that you are going to need more than you budgeted for, you may consider a wedding loan. Do keep in mind that you begin paying interest on your loan right away. So you may want to use your cash saved for the wedding first then take out your loan later in the planning process.  The good news is that you can apply for your wedding loan at any point. If you’re approved, you can have the money in your bank the same day or within 24 hours.


Where Can I Get a Wedding Loan?

So, where do you turn to find a wedding loan? Some couples head straight to their banks for their loans. But, if you’re in a hurry that could be a problem because it can often take weeks to hear back, and then if you’re then turned down you have to start all over again.

As you’re trying to check things off your ‘To Do’ list, not add them – using a lending broker like Funding Zest can be the most efficient way to go. The online application process is super simple. Funding Zest does the ‘shopping’ for you in seconds to find the best rates for you so you don’t have to and there’s no time wasted waiting to find out if you’re approved. You get an instant onscreen response too. We immediately match you with a loan provider that is most likely to approve your loan and give you the best rates for your wedding needs.

Whether or not you use Funding Zest, make sure your lender or lending broker uses a soft search method so your credit score is not affected.

Should We Both Apply?

You can apply as a couple or individually. Either way, it’s simple. Once you input your details, as well as the amount you want to borrow, and the length of time you want it then your potential lender carries out a quick credit check.

Loan approval is based on your credit score, income, and job situation. Lenders also take into account other outstanding loans or debt.  The better your credit score the better your chances for approval and getting the best credit rates.

If your credit score is not so great, you may want to use another option. This would be asking a parent or close friend to co-sign the loan to improve your chances of getting your wedding loan approved.

Check your credit score now so there are no surprises. 


Pros and Cons of Taking Out A Wedding Loan

Pros of Wedding Loans

  • Wedding loan interest rates are usually lower than credit card rates
  • You can pay back your loan in months or up to five years
  • You could have your cash in the bank the same day
  • You can use your loan money however you like

Cons of Wedding Loans

  • Depending on the loan you’ve taken out you could be in debt for a year or so
  • If your credit score was not great, then you are stuck with a higher interest rate
  • Some loan companies tack on other fees and charges (read your agreement carefully)
  • Your marriage could be starting out in debt


Bottom Line:

Make a budget (Read: How To Use Budgeting Apps) and figure out how to stick to it. Try to plan ahead and save as much as possible for your big day. If you decide to go for a loan then use a reputable broker that does the shopping around for you and gets you the most favorable rates and terms.

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