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Funding Zest can pair you with a lender to get your payday loans in Colorado with exactly what you need. From Denver to Colorado Springs borrow $100, $1000, or all the way up to $35,000. Once you’ve been approved, your funds can be in your account the very next working day.

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We all need help from time to time. If you need help with your financial situation Funding Zest can lend a hand. Use our simple online platform from anywhere in Colorado. Send your loan inquiry today and get an instant decision onscreen. It’s a great day to apply for a payday loan in Illinois with Funding Zest!

4 Steps to Money In Your Bank

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Help your application for payday loans in Colorado go as quickly as possible. Get your basic info ready – job, income, bank details, SSN, or other i.d.

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Our 100% online loan application takes under 5 minutes. We’ll give you an instant decision online. Use your phone, laptop, or tablet. Apply in your pajamas if you like!

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As a broker, Funding Zest swiftly pairs you with just the right lender most likely to give you loan approval with favorable terms for your financial situation.

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You’ll get an instant decision online. If your loan is approved, your new lender could send money to your bank by the next business day.

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What Are Payday Loans in Colorado For?

Colorado payday loans are designed to help those who have a steady job but just need emergency cash. These loans are not designed for frivolous shopping sprees and holidays or repayments on other debt you may have taken out.

Am I Eligible for a Colorado Payday Loan?

There are eligibility requirements for a Colorado payday loan, such as:

  • you have to be a US resident
  • must be over 18
  • you need to show that you have a job – full or part-time
  • you must be paid at least $800 per month.
  • you must have a bank account where your lender can deposit your funds

So, how did you do? Are you eligible to apply for payday loans in Colorado with Funding Zest? If so, lets get started!

How Do I Get A Payday Loan In Denver?

Before you apply, you need to know how much you want to borrow. You can get a Colorado loan from as little as $100 all the way up to $35,000. You also need to know how long you want to borrow the money. Whether you want to repay in a month, six months, or five years. The amount of time can depend on your lender.

Payday loans are generally short-term loans that borrowers tend to pay back within two to four weeks in one lump sum. You can take out a loan that has a longer repayment schedule. These funds can be borrowed for up to five years. You pay these back in equal monthly installments.

If you desire, you can repay the money earlier or whenever you’re ready. That will help save you money on the interest you pay.

Same Day Loan

How Can I Apply For Payday Loans In Colorado? 

Funding Zest can help you get the emergency cash you need right now. We can help you even if you’re having problems getting a loan from the bank because of your credit rating. If you have emergency expenses from a car repair, a leaky roof, or a vet bill, a payday loan could be the exact thing you need.

Submit your application through Fundings Zest and we’ll send your inquiry to lenders all across Colorado. This gives you the best chances of securing your payday loans in Colorado quickly.

Once you’ve been approved, Funding Zest can get your payday loan money to you very quickly. Use our online loan application form. You’ll get an instant notification if you’ve been approved. From there the lenders send a final acceptance and your money can be on its way the very same day. In some cases, you can receive the cash in one hour.

We are not the lenders we’re brokers. Our job is to help you find the right group to give you the loan you need even if your credit rating isn’t perfect. We’ll try to help find a loan that fits you. We use reputable lenders who work responsibly to lend you what you need when you need it and get you the right loan. Your credit score is not impacted because when we search for your loan, we use a soft search so no footprint is left on your credit record.

Same Day Loan

How Soon Can I Get My Payday Loan In Colorado?

Our application process can’t get any faster but there are things you can do to make your payday loan request move as fast as possible.

  • Check our eligibility requirements before you send any requests.
  • Submit your request during work hours, Monday through Friday (9 – 5) It’s the best time to get the quickest response. Try to avoid holidays and weekends.
  • Have all details that we require lined up and ready when you start to fill out your form. That means keeping your bank details on hand and a pay stub, etc.
  • Once you’ve sent in your request, keep your phone handy because the lenders may need follow-up information and they want to get you your money as quickly as possible.

How Do I Get A Payday Loan Super Quick? 

With Funding Zest, once you finish our simple online loan inquiry process your instant decision is available on-screen, and same-day funding is possible.

Funding Zest works with the payday lenders in Colorado to make sure the process is easy and quick. They want you to receive your money as fast as possible. In some cases, the lender could have your money in the bank within one hour. 

There are things you can do to speed up the process and make sure it goes as quickly as it can. When applying for your payday loan:

  • Make sure you have your bank details on hand 
  • You need to supply employment details 
  • Give your monthly income – you may need to supply pay stubs
  • Send your request during work hours and during the week – Monday to Friday, nine to five that’s when most loans get funded.
  • Be available by phone or on your computer. If lenders have extra questions about your application, you can respond quickly and keep your Colorado payday loan process going forward. 
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So Is A Payday Loan Right For Me?

A Colorado payday loan could be right for you. If you have come up against an emergency cash situation and you need help getting to your next paycheck, same-day funding can do just that. It helps you pay those emergency one-off bills. It may be the quickest way to get the money that you need into your account.

Is A Good Credit Score Mandatory To Get A Payday Loan In Colorado?

No, you may still be able to get a payday loan in Colorado, even if you have a bad credit score. Funding Zest will accept all credit histories and work their hardest to find you a lender that can help you with your cash emergency.

Even if you’ve been turned down by a bank for a loan because of bad credit still submit your inquiry to Funding Zest.

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Work With Funding Zest for Your Payday Loan In Colorado

It doesn’t matter if you’re in Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, Aspen, or Boulder – Funding Zest works with borrowers from every part of the state. Use our simple online platform to apply for your Colorado payday loan. There are no fees for using the service and it takes less than five minutes.

All you need to tell us is how much money you want to borrow how long you want to borrow it for. Then we send out that information across Colorado to find lenders that can help you with your specific needs.

If you were trying to get a bank loan, as you know, a loan decision can take a lot longer. And if you’re then turned down for that loan, the time and effort you put in have been wasted and you still don’t have the money you need.

With Funding Zest, the results come back in under five minutes, so you know whether or not you can get going with the loan. Remember, going for a payday loan does not impact your credit rating.

FAQs | Payday Loans in Colorado

Funding Zest believes in second chances. That means that even if you have been rejected for a loan in the past, you could be eligible for a loan with us. We work with a range of lenders including lenders who specialize in borrowers with poor credit scores.

Payday loan amounts with Funding Zest range from $100 to $35,000 although Florida state law prohibits loans of more than $500.

Borrowers can repay in 1 month all the way up to 60 months in equal monthly installments to stretch out their repayments.

Make sure that you are very aware of the consequences of not repaying. If you are unable to pay back your loan on time, there could be extra interest accrued. In addition, your credit score would go down and possibly harm your chances of getting a future loan.

You can always repay early if you would like to. If you do, you can save on interest.

It is free to submit a payday loan request in Alabama using Funding Zest’s online application service. We receive a commission from your lender if you successfully receive your loan.

Funding Zest considers no credit check loans, but a credit check is automatically carried out for all borrowers.

Funding Zest is a broker. We pair you with one of our experienced lenders in Alabama with favorable terms that suit your needs.