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What you know today in order to do your job will most definitely change. So if you’re wondering about Funding High-Paying Skills Needed in 2022 – we’ll share some options.

First, decide where to start to get ahead of the curve with the newest high-paying job skills. Some skills you can learn on the job, do as a side hustle, and others you may want to speed up the process by taking a course. We’ll help you decide how to pay for it too.

Certain skills will earn you more money or help you finally start your own business. If you love to learn then this will be fun. If learning is more of a chore for you then definitely go for the skills you find most interesting and fit into what you’re doing now or want to be doing in the near future.

Think of new skills as assets or tools to get earn you the money you want and will need to keep you attractive to potential employers or clients in your new business. These high-paying skills look great on the old resume and can support a request for a raise too.


How Will I Pay for These New High-Paying Skills?

Where Can I Find The Right Courses?

  • You Tube
  • Online courses
  • On the job
  • Leaders in the industry can teach you skills – subscribe to their newsletters


Here are some of the high-paying skills you’ll want to consider:


Help clients and companies boost their sales by increasing demand for their products. Clever marketing campaigns can make it happen and if you’re the one who knows how to get results you and your skill will be in high demand.

Write Copy for Yourself or Others – a High-Paying Skill for 2022

Take a copywriting course to fast-track this skill. Start by listening to this Amy Porterfield podcast about copywriting. You’ll need to learn the important basics of successful copywriting and then practice, practice, and practice. Once you learn the skill of writing to sell you’ll have customers beating down your door. Your goal is to generate traffic for products and websites. If you can motivate buyers to take action then you are a copywriter.

Digital Marketing

The demand for online marketing has exponentially exploded. It was already popular but the pandemic forced us all to do more and more online if we wanted certain products or services. With an ever more crowded marketplace, standing out and promoting products and services takes knowledge and skill.

Become a savvy digital marketer and you’ll be in demand!

Offer Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Companies & Brands

The number one place clients want their website and google listing is on page one and even better if it’s at the top! Good SEO is what makes that happen. If you can help businesses or brands get onto Google’s 1st page then you’ve got the potential to build a very successful business.

Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Do you have your own website where you market your products or services?  Do you know what your customers need and want? Then you can identify products from other companies that your customers would buy and market those products on your website. When that company’s products sell through your website then you get paid a commission for that sale. This is called affiliate marketing. The best part about this is that there’s not much you need to do. You don’t have to hold inventory at all. It becomes passive income, meaning you make money while you sleep!

Programmer for Apps, Websites & Software

Programming is a tool others view with mysticism but once you’ve got the knowledge and the motivation to build new websites and apps then you’re good to go. Even though there are new apps that make building apps and websites easier and easier there will always be customers who

  1. Are intimidated by the idea of building their own app or website
  2. Don’t know enough to get started
  3. Just want their app or website up and running so they can get on with business.

This is a great side hustle that you can work on and build up a business that could allow you to work for yourself. A great and simple way to generate a second income.

It Can Be a No-Code World

No-code development platforms allow programmers and non-programmers to create apps where you just drag and drop versus having to use complicated codes and tons of skills.

If you’ve decided to launch your own start-up or want to help others do the same no-code options will make the process much simpler and quicker. This is a great high-paying skill to get on board with ASAP! Check out no-code app building.

Learn the High-Paying Skill of Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a form of distribution where you don’t actually hold inventory or even come in contact with products that you sell. When you take an order, you send that order to the manufacturer or distributor and they ship it for you.

To figure out your profit you take the amount you sold the products for, minus the wholesale price you paid for it plus the shipping, and any other fees.

Many companies will help educate you and get you started, Shopify is one of them.

Network to Build Income

Know your market and build your company/brand by networking with other companies/brands where you can get support or an assist (even do some affiliate marketing with/for). You never know who may have a connection that will help grow your business. Remember it’s a two-way street so always look for a win-win where you’re giving something in return for what you gain.

Video Editing Is a High-Paying Skill for 2022

Customers love to see the product in action and the people who are bringing it to them. It’s why video helps sell. The industry is changing. New Creators are emerging. Offer video editing services to those who may be producing content but don’t have the time or skills to prepare it for use.

For this one, you may need to invest in some equipment and possibly a new computer etc. If you need to fund it a personal loan may be the best solution.

Put Your Creative Thinking to Work

Plenty of clients would pay you to come up with creative solutions to their challenges. Search Fiverr and see what skills or problems people are looking to get solved. That could point you in the right direction.

A Big 2022 High-Paying Skill is Personal Branding

Attract more business and engage with potential customers by letting them get to know you and your products  (or those of your clients). When markets are so saturated with messages and choices you need to stand out. Personal branding is what can make or break you and get the kind of traffic and income you’re going for.

Bottom Line:

It’s worth investing in high-paying skills to enhance your existing job, get that raise or promotion, start a side hustle or finally get your own startup going. No matter what, just do it! Learning is key in today’s market and there are plenty of ways to get the skills. Some could be on the job, through free online resources, and through paid courses. The investment is worth it.


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